Tiger News 02/24
Wednesday 2/26/2020
What We Have Worked on in Class

We finished our Animal Research reports. We were super excited to design our habitat dioramas to go with our salt dough statues. We also painted the statue to look like the animal we researched. You are welcome to come and see all of our hard work before they come home on Friday. Friday is a half day. You are welcome to come to the classroom and see our hard work between 11:00 and 11:30. We did an incredible job. We were also given a school, google account so that we can learn how to do presentations using technology. We had a blast learning how to insert pictures into a document. 

We are practicing counting different combinations of coins. We have learned how to count by 1's, 5's, 10's and 25's. It was neat to transfer counting by 5's into tellng time.

Can your child tell you another way to say 8:15? quarter past 8 or quarter after 8 

Assigned: Monday 2/24
Due: Friday 2/28
Spelling Words Q3W8
Long O words  Sight Words 
1. so pull
2. go put
3. no though
4. joke although
5. hole sought
6. rope bought
Review Words quarter past
7. home quarter after
8. bone  
Star Words  
9. stove  
10. poke