Welcome to First Grade

 Tiger Pride Newsletter

August 7-9

Wednesday 8/8/2018
Web site

Welcome to our classroom Web site. This site will be a great source of communication, filled with things like homework assignments, class schedules, announcements, and so much more. Be sure to check back often and see what is going on!

Transportation: It is IMPORTANT that you do not text me or call the classroom extension with transportation changes. These must go through the office to ensure that I recieve them. I do not utilize my phone to protect the instruction of your children. Please contact the office at 720-4781 with any changes to how your child is to go home. 

Assigned: Wednesday 8/7
Due: Friday 8/9
District Information

Welcome Back! It was so fun to see everyone for the Scavenger Hunt as well as in the classroom. Please take the time to share with  Dr. Kennedy and Mr. Brogan what your family thought of the Scavenger Hunt. 

Important: Please ensure you fill out the mandatory paperwork that is required by the district.  If you did not recieve a yellow paper folder titled, "District Paperwork"  please contact me. One of the students dropped the contents of his or her folder on the floor. 

Your student should arrive between 7:45 and 7:55 In the mornings all students go directly to the K-2 playground. 

Mondays & Fridays students will line up as a class and I will take them to the MPR for our K-5 Morning Assembly. 

Tuesdays-Thursdays students will line up and go directly into class. We have been practicing and learning about the rules in our classroom and around the school We had some wonderful parents volunteer to model how St. David Tigers are Safe, Responsible, and Respectful on campus. We thought they were hilarious but learned how to be good citizens. We are greateful to Mrs. Dever, Mrs. CArol Pinnex,  and Mrs. Bev Kartchner for organizing and teaching our demonstrations. 

Behavior Log: A weekly behavior log will be sent home beginning this Monday. 

PTO: We are grateful to Deja Tracey and Rachel Fry and the wonderful job they do heaorganizing and heading ostuur PTO. They are excited and ready to work with all parents and staff. The electronic marquee, playground awniings, and classroom materials are examples of the purchases that are made utilizing the funds from boxtops. Look for ways that you can support our school's PTO. 

Lunch Money: If you send lunch money with your child please remind them to show me first thing in the morning. Mrs. Lopshire requested that we send it to the cafeteria in the morning to assist with keeping the lunch line moving. There are different ways that you can pay in advance. Please visit the district web page to get further information. 


St. David Tigers are Safe, Responsible, and Respectful!