08/19 Tiger News

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August 19-23

Monday 8/19/2019
What We Worked on in Class

This Week’s Learning Standards:

Reading: I can identify the beginning, middle, and ending sounds in a word.

I can segment and blend phonemes (individual sounds in words).

I can use text evidence to infer a characters thoughts or feelings in text read.

Math: I can identify defining and non-defining attributes of two dimensional and three-dimesnional shapes.

Defining: What attributes give it the qualities to be a specific shape    Non-Defining: designs, size, color

Writing:  I can illustrate a picture and write a caption to match.

I can write sentences that contain capital letters, spaces, and ending punctuation.

Social Studies: I can recognize that we each are part of a classroom community that will work together and help others.

I can create, vote on, and follow class rules to show democracy. 

Science: I can describe how a human grows.

What we worked on in class last week:

Reading: We read different literature to help us build a community of caring and learning. We worked on identifying the main idea and supporting details. We sequenced events and we compared and contrasted characters. 

Math: We worked with attributes of 2D shapes, quadrilaterals, and polygons. Our favorite part was building shapes using dough and toothpicks. We also like playing the headband game, " Can you guess the shape?"

Writing: We wrote about different emotions and what makes a good friend. 

Grammar: We were introduced to identifying proper and common nouns. 

Problem Solving Wheel: We read a story called, What do you do with a Problem?
The child in the story had a problem that continued to grow until it was a huge storm swirling inside of him. We talked this week about different strategies that people use to help keep their problems for growing so huge we feel sad and hopeless.  A copy of the problem solving wheel was sent home for you to review with your child if you wish. 

Assigned: Monday 8/19
Due: Saturday 8/31
Spelling Words Q1W2

High Frequency Words and Sight Words

These are words that occur most often in written materials. They usually have little meaning on their own, but they contribute to the meaning of a sentence. The best way to learn to read them is by repeated practice, this will help your child with reading fluency. You may see some of these words duplicated in the spelling words. This is to help emphasize the importance of these words. 

Spelling Words Short /i/ Sight Words  
1. six too
2. pin for
3. did what
4. rip look
5. him have
6. fit be
Review Words he
7. is with
8. if  
Star Words  
9. will  
10. this