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August 26-30

Monday 8/26/2019
What We Worked on in Class

First Grade Galileo Testing Next Week:

Galileo is a benchmark test that is given by the district at the beginning and end of the year. The information provided by this assessment is to help your children’s teachers monitor and adjust instruction.

How can I help my child prepare for the test?

1. Ensure your child gets a good nights sleep.

2. Eat a healthy  breakfast

3. Arrive to school on-time

4. Tell your child he or she is going to do great and to simply do his or her best.

Title-I: Title-I is an elementary and secondary education act that was created to help ensure students recieve assistance to meet the rigors of academic standards.  Mrs. Williams is the coordinator of our schools Title-I program. She administers the  DIBELS reading assessment. This is one form of assessment that is used to help identify students that need additional support in reading. is Title-I is NOT special education; these are two different programs. Title-I is a first step intervention for reading. 
Mrs. Williams will send paperwork home to the families of students that she has identified.  If you recieve theis paperwork please sign and return it as soon as possible. 
What we Worked on in class: 

Reading: We read realistic fiction and informational text about storms. We used evidence from the text to infer how the characters were responding to events in the story. We inferred and made the determination that Pop loved Tim and his dog Rip. There was a lot of evidence from the story to support this. Pop arrived during a storm to visit and play with Tim and Rip. Pop got Tim a drink and sat and read to him when Tim was a afraid and hid under the bed. He gave him comfort. 

Writing: We used inference to answer questions about characters in our story. We also made an art project to show Pop. We responded to the text read by writing about a personal experience we had with a storm.

Math: We identified the attributes of solid shapes or 3D shapes. We compared them to 2D shapes. We are working on our fact fluency with adding  +1.

Science: We watched videos of babies and began a booklet that will take us through the stages of human growth. Your children have no doubt they were absolutely adorable as babies too!

Social Studies: We continued to work on rules and how they support our learning. 

Grammar: We were introduced to possessive nouns and how they show ownership. example: The dog's collar is red. 



Assigned: Monday 8/26
Due: Friday 8/30
Spelling Words Q1W3

High Frequency Words and Sight Words

These are words that occur most often in written materials. They usually have little meaning on their own, but they contribute to the meaning of a sentence. The best way to learn to read them is by memorization, this will help your child with reading fluency. You may see some of these words duplicated in the spelling words. This is to help emphasize the importance of these words. 

Spelling Words Short /o/ Sight Words  
1. log do
2. dot sing
3. top find
4. hot no
5. ox funny
6. lot they
Review Words what
7. look look
8. man  
Star Words  
9. what  
10. they