Tiger News 01/13
Tuesday 1/14/2020
Upcoming Events

01/20 No School. MLK Observed

01/24 Half Day Busses run at 12:00 p.m.(Cafeteria Lunch PB & J

01/31 IS NOW a FULL DAY  of INSTRUCTION (cafeteria lunch Pizza)

02/17 No School. Presidents' Day Observed

02/28 Half Day. Busses run at 12:00 

March 6th:  First Grade Field Trip

March 9-13 Spring Break

March 27th Half Day. Busses run at 12:00 


Friday 1/10/2020
What We worked on In Class

Reading: We read, At Home in the Ocean. We identified the author's purpose for writing the text and facts that we learned from it. 

Writing: We are learning to add suffixes to a root word as well as to write titles. 

Math: We are working on identifying fractions and partitioning shapes into fractions.

Science: We are exploring the different types of matter. We enjoyed making ice cubes shaped like hearts and mixing salt into water to watch it dissolve. We will continue our exploration of matter.

Social Studies: We read a book called, Eggbert the Cracked Egg. It was read to help us continue to grow in our understanding that our actions impact others. Poor Eggbert's shell cracked and the other eggs didn't want him to live in the refridgerator anymore. He travelled the world and accepted his difference. He wrote postcards to the eggs about his travels. Eggbert learned through his travels that there are many cracks around the world and that they contribute to its beauty. 


Assigned: Monday 1/13
Due: Friday 1/17
Spelling Words
Spelling Test 01/17/20
Consonant Blend Words           Sight Words 
1. snip been
2. spot never
3. spin own
4.snug brown
5. brown off
6.crab very
Review Words know
7. step out
8. stop  
Star Words  
9. snack  
10. stick