Tiger News 02/10
Monday 2/10/2020
Upcoming Events

2/17- No School. Presidents’ Day Observed

02/21-Spring Pictures. Only students whose parents order pictures will have them taken this time.

02/28 Half Day. Busses run at 12:00 

March 6-Children’s Museum Field Trip. All parents are able to attend. This is not a field trip for siblings. 

March 9-13 Spring Break

March 26th- Candyland Family Math Night

March 27th Half Day. Busses run at 12:00

Monday 2/10/2020
What We Have Worked on in Class

Reading: We read a story called The Big Race. We used this story to help learn the skill of inference. We used the text and our personal knowledge to infer what the author does not come right out and say. The story was about Red Lizard. He saw sign advertising a race that had a big cake as the prize. He liked cake so he decided to join the race. He won the race by default. Roadrunner tripped over a rake. We inferred that he got hurt and couldn't finishe the race. Snake chased bugs, we inferred that he was hungry.

Phonics: We worked on soft c and g. Can your child read the following words?  circle    fudge    cents    gem

Past tense verbs: We worked on adding ed to a verb to show past tense.

Math: We are working on identifying coins and their values. We also are working on counting combinations of coins.

Science: We are learning how to do research. We browsed a selection of nonfiction books about animals. We were able to choose a selection of animals that we would want to learn about. We then used a graphic organizer to help us take notes. We were assisted by Mr. Streeter's high school students to help us learn how to take notes from a book as well as from an internet article. 

Writing: We are working on writing expository text about our research. We are working on adding nonfiction features to our writings. We are using headings and drew a diagram with labels. 

Social Studies: We read text about laws and rules and how they help to keep us safe. 


Assigned: Monday 2/10
Due: Friday 2/14
Spelling Words 3 Quarter
Spelling Test 02/14/20
Vowel Consonant e words  Sight Words 
1. bike bird
2. spike eyes
3. kite long
4. time walk
5. slime fly
6. crime both
Review Words or 
7. like those
8. five  
Star Words  
9. drive  
10. white