Monday 2/17/2020
Upcoming Events

02/21-Spring Pictures. Only students whose parents order pictures will have them taken this time.

02/28 Half Day. Busses run at 12:00 

March 6-Children’s Museum Field Trip. All parents are able to attend. This is not a field trip for siblings. 

March 9-13 Spring Break

March 26th- Candyland Family Math Night

March 27th Half Day. Busses run at 12:00

Tuesday 2/18/2020
What We Have Worked on in Class

Reading:/Science:  We read and worked with expository text titled Animal Groups. 

We sorted animals into their categories based on their physical characteristics. 

Many of us were amazed to learn that a chicken is a bird! We thought it was neat that humans are mammals and so is a dolphin. A baby dolphin is born with hair! 

Writing: We completed our research writing. We used headings and also made a diagram with labels. We are amazing. Next week we will be using the computer to make a slide show so we can see that there are many ways to present what we are learning. 

Phonics: We worked with beginning and ending blends that have a silent letter. Can your child read words with wr   kn   and mb? know   knot   wren   wrap  thumb   crumb

Math: We are practicing counting combinations of coins as well as practicing various skills we have learned in our math centers.

Social Studies: We read about Presidents that helped form our country and discussed how they still impact us today.



Assigned: Tuesday 2/18
Due: Friday 2/21
Spelling Words
Vowel Consonant  /oo/ words  Sight Words 
1. soon were
2. spoon where
3. moon where's
4. tool there
5. hook there's
6. cook does
Review Words doesn't 
7. look very
8. book  
Star Words  
9. shook  
10. foot